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Knee Replacement

Knee Joint Replacement

Knee joint replacement is now considered as a permanent solution to sharp knee pain, loss of functions of knee, and unconditional stiffness. The process that is used as knee replacement surgery is called total knee arthroplasty and in short is termed as TKA. In this surgical process, the surgeons replace the existing malfunctioning knee with an artificial one.

Who should avail this surgery?

It has been observed under medical observation and research that patients suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis often suffer from knee pain, knee malfunctioning, and the permanent solution for this long term and irrevocable disorder doctors suggest for doing a knee joint replacement surgery. However, people who have experienced major injury in knee or severe infection on knee joint may often require the support of Knee replacement surgery to restore normal knee strength.

How the surgery is done?

At the time of knee joint replacement surgery the damaged and nonfunctioning parts of knee are removed and doctors initiates the use of artificial pieces (prosthesis) for reconstruction the knee

The prime areas that are found involved in this surgical practice are:
Other conditions of the surgery

The total knee replacement surgery takes around two hour-time and it includes an incision over the knee to be operated. Usually in this process thighbone and shinbone is shaped for getting them prepared for the new portions. The patella gets removed and later a layer of bone cement is applied to fasten the prosthesis. Although it is the conventional method of knee replacement, now a days orthopedic surgeons are using different other method related to surgery.

It takes generally a few days to get recovered from the bed-rest condition. After the surgery, doctors often prescribe rehabilitation support for the patient. By availing this facility a patient, post- knee replacement surgery can come back to his normal state of activity.