How to Prepare For a Knee Replacement Surgery?

knee replacement

Planning to get a knee-replacement surgery done? Facing severities and pain of a damaged knee? If yes then it is the right time for you to approach the best knee replacement surgeon nearby your home. To get the surgery done successfully, you will have to approach only the finest of fine surgeon in Delhi. However, it is not a cakewalk to find the best doctor and that you will have to do a research on the internet by browsing through the profiles of different doctors, years of experience and charges and rates of knee replacement surgery.

Preparations to be done pre-surgery

  • Planning early- You should plan for your knee replacement surgery at your earliest convenience. Delaying the surgery will only lead to more problems and your knee will worsen even more. And once you have decided on a particular date for surgery then you should think of effects that operation will have on your health and life. You must be prepared for the blues after the surgery is done. You might not be in a jolly mood to interact with family, hang out with friends or do our routine chores. You have to prepare your mind that it will take time to recover and that this phase shall also go.
  • Ask and ask- When you visit your doctor, clear all your doubts. You should ask everything until all your doubts are cleared. Remember, knee replacement surgery is a major surgery and you should not keep anything hazy in your mind. Ask questions like, how long will the surgery take? For how many days you will be in hospital? What will be the overall charges of the surgery and other expenses of the hospital facilities? For how long will you have to take off from work? Will the hospital provide the home facility of regular checkup? Will a caretaker be assigned to you for home? and various other questions that you think are of your concern.
  • Losing weight- Before you are all set to get the knee replacement surgery done, you should lose some pounds if you are overweight. The experts suggest that heavy weight put more pressure on knees, hence they are prone to get weakened. And when is about knee replacement surgery, you have to be extra careful to not put any pressure on knees. You have to get in shape before surgery at any cost. In fact, asking your doctor about pre-surgery weight loss exercises would be a great idea, as then you won’t attempt exercises that could harm you. Also, you can practice walking around with crutches, so that it is easily adjusted in your routine and you don’t face any problem in walking after the surgery.
  • Quit smoking- You must know that smoking and consuming tobacco can slow down your recovery process. Yes, you heard it right. If you are a chain smoker or can’t do without having tobacco then it is the time to cut down this addiction. In addition to this, smoking can worsen your wound and can develop infection in it. Smoking will only ruin your health with wounds taking more time to heal. Thus, quit smoking right after your surgery to prevent any kind of complications later. You can control your addiction for a month or two, at least.
  • Get home ready- Before the surgery, you need to make appropriate arrangements at your home. You will have to create the post operation environment at home before the operation day especially the room that you will use maximum for resting and sleeping has to be set. What you can do to start with is to keep essential things within your reach. The bathroom and kitchen should be near to your room, so that it becomes easier for you to walk with a cane, with not much distance to be covered. Also, you should keep your alleys clear of the big stuff, so that you do not face problem while walking around in the house with crutches.

Therefore, you should now fix a date for the surgery and do all the much needed preparations so that you and your family members don’t panic about anything after your surgery is done. Good luck! Be safe.

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