Knee Arthritis- The Major Reason for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Arthritis- The Major Reason for Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you suffering from severe knee damage problem? Looking forward to get the knee replacement surgery done? If yes then you are at the right page. This blog talks about knee arthritis, which is the major cause of damaged knees and also, it discusses the points that you must consider while selecting the knee replacement surgeon.

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure which involves an incision over the knee and then total bed rest for the next few months. Depending upon the condition of the knee, the surgeon decides whether the patient has to undergo partial knee replacement or total knee replacement surgery. Knee arthritis has today become one of the prevalent causes of damaged knees and thus, the blog further discusses the characteristics of knee-arthritis.

Characteristics of knee-arthritis

  • Pain- Severe pain is the foremost characteristic of severe knee arthritis. The pain might vary from one patient to another, the knee pain can gradually increase and get worse in some while others can get sudden flares of pain. However, the situation can worsened even more when patients bear pain and do activities that put pressure on knees. The pain can worsen to the extent where it can become next to impossible for a patient to do regular activities.
  • Swelling- Swelling is another characteristic marked by severe arthritis. With swelling comes warmth, which can lead to the situation where a patient can face serious issues in bending the knees and again, severe weight-bearing difficulty. If this is what you are feeling then there is likely to be a presence of an infection.
  • Stiffness- In many types of arthritis, the joint pain increases in the morning. However, the stiffness can get better as the day ascends. If you are a patient of rheumatoid arthritis then you are likely to suffer from morning stiffness very frequently, when compared with the patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

The patients with knee-arthritis may suffer from other difficulties too but above mentioned are the ones that are common to all such patients.

Location of the knee joint arthritis

You must know that there are three compartments in the knee joint. The intensity of pain faced by a patient depends upon the number of compartments in which the pain is being faced. For instance, you might face pain in two of the compartments like, suffering from pain in both beneath the kneecap and the lateral side of the knee. Having pain in two or all three compartments leads to a total knee replacement surgery, as it hints at the total damage of the knee. However, if the pain persists only in one compartment then you might have to undergo just the partial knee surgery, as it had chances to get you back to the normal condition.

How to find the best surgeon for knee replacement?

  • Experience and reputation- The first factor that you must consider before approaching any knee replacement surgeon is his/her experience in the medical field. If you are reaching a surgeon who has 30 years of experience then you are sure to get the desired health results. However, if you choose to visit a doctor who has just started the career in this field, you might have end up with disappointments. Thus, you should do your own research and look for the ones that have maximum years of experience and has a good reputation in the industry. Remember, more the number of years of experience, more will be the chances of success of the surgery.
  • Infrastructure- The infrastructure of the hospital that you are planning to visit has to be good. Yes, the surgeon should carry out the surgery only in the hospital that is well-equipped with all the facilities and equipment. Since you will have to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days after the surgery, the infrastructure has to be good right from the room to other services. Good infrastructure leads to good after surgery care.
  • Testimonials- It is important to read the testimonials of the surgeon that you are visiting. Since these reviews are by the patients who have already availed the knee replacement services in the past, it will give you a clear idea of the surgeon’s services. All positive reviews are a big hint to the good reputation of the surgeon. On the other hand, you should never visit a surgeon with all negative customer testimonials. Thus, you should keep no second thoughts in visiting the well-renowned surgeon.

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