Tips to Take Care of Your New Knee Joint

Tips to Take Care of Your New Knee Joint

Did you just undergo a knee joint replacement surgery? If yes then this blog will be of great help to you. Often people are depressed and gloomy after surgery, as they think that they will not be able to lead a normal life anymore. They spend hours thinking about what changes it will bring to their life and thus, go in depression. However, if you have just had the knee joint surgery, you don’t have to be disheartened. The world is still the same and will remain the same as it was before you had the surgery. It’s all about how you see it.

To live a normal life yet take good care of your new knee joint, you just need to keep some dos and don’ts in your mind. A little care in your daily life can keep you both healthy and happy. So, you can just go through the below discussed tips and make your living with knee joint easier. Also, you are suggested to keep your surgeon in the loop of whatever activity you are performing because any little mistake can turn into a mammoth health problem for you. So, don’t take any chances and be safe.

Easy tips to take good care of your knee joint

  • While walking- When you walk, use crutches at least in the first few months of post-surgery. After when your doctor allows you to walk without support, you can leave the walker or crutches. While you are turning, you must take small steps only and avoid climbing up the elevate areas. The most important point here is to wear non-skid/non-slippery shoes. You have to extra smart while buying shoes after your knee joint replacement surgery is done.
  • While sitting- After having the knee joint replacement done, you should not sit for long. The medical experts say that you should not sit in the same position for more than 45 minutes. Also, you should either stretch out your leg or you can keep it the way your doctor has suggested. It is always better to choose to sit on a firm chair that has a good layer of foam instead of sitting on rocking chairs, stools and plastic chairs that are hard. Furthermore, when you get up from the chair, you should first reach the edge of the chair and then take support of the crutches or walker.
  • While getting dressed up- The first don’t is to avoid wearing your pants in a standing position. If you are doing this, you are likely to hurt yourself by falling. Also, you should first put on the pant or sock first on the leg with new knee joint and then on the other. And likewise, you should start undressing from that very surgery leg first. To add on, you can also take the help of a reacher, long-handled shoehorn and other devices that will help you in reaching out to the things kept far away.
  • While using steps- You have to be extra careful while you are using stairs. At the time of going up the stairs, you should first use the leg with no surgery while you should use the leg with surgery while climbing down the stairs. Also, make sure to use the balustrade while using the steps, a sit will help you not to imbalance. Note that, it will take time for your muscles to grow stronger and it will happen only after you have used the stairs a couple of times. If possible, you should totally avoid stairs in the first two months of post-surgery.
  • While lying down- When you lie down on bed, you should lie flat on your back. Even if you need to raise your leg, it is suggested to keep the new knee joint straight. You must avoid extra bending of the knee. If you have a habit of keeping a cushion or pillow under your knee then you need to get over it now. The position of the leg has to be straight and only straight. Further, lying down calls in for the best time to do the knee exercises. You better exploit that time well.

If you still have doubts about it, you can reach to the best knee joint replacement surgeon for it. The surgeon will guide you with the best tips and other things that you need to keep in mind for a healthy living. To choose the best surgeon, you can just browse through the internet and check out the ones that are on the top of the search engines. See, it is very important to land up with the best surgeon to get the knee joint replacement surgery done. So, choose the right doctor and get your knee treated now with no doubts. Take care!

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