Guide to get prepared for knee joint surgery

Guide to get prepared for knee joint surgery

If you are planning to have knee joint replacement surgery done then you will typically have to wait for around 6 to 12 weeks. During this time, the knee joint specialists observes how your body will respond to the medication and will decide whether surgery is the only option or medicines can cure. Also, this time is utilized best by the patients to prepare their body for the surgery. You must know that though the surgery is only of the knee but you have to take care of your entire body. The entire body has to be prepared for the surgery and it needs to be in an absolutely stable condition.

This blog discusses the things that you should keep in mind and follow in order to be prepared for the knee joint replacement surgery. Read on further-

Things to be done to prepare for knee joint replacement

  • Decreasing medication- According to the medical experts, you should decrease the use of medication at least two weeks prior to the knee joint replacement. There are certain medicines that you should stop taking if you are getting ready for knee joint replacement surgery. They include Aspirin, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that makes it tough for the body to clot blood. With this, one should get away with the use of steroids that result in the suppression of the immune system and all the other opioid pain medication. All these medicines must be avoided completely.
  • Cutting on alcohol consumption- It is highly necessary that you cut down your alcohol consumption at least two weeks before the surgery. You must be aware of the fact that if you will continue to consume alcohol then you will face problem in anesthesia. It affects the effects on anesthesia on the human body. If you are in a habit of consuming 1-2 alcohol per day then you should inform your doctor so that, he is able to guide you and plan the surgery date accordingly.
  • Reducing tobacco use- It is the time that you should forget tobacco totally. This includes even smoking, as nicotine present in cigarettes and tobacco delays healing. It is also noted that tobacco and cigarettes also lead to post-surgical infections. It can actually lead to thrombosis in the deep veins which can prove to be deadly. Thus, you must limit initially and then avoid tobacco and smoking completely when surgery time is near.
  • Contact specialists- If you have any disease such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure problems or if you are a heart patient then you must consult the specialist. Besides this, if you have any other medical conditions then it is inevitable to inform the doctor about it before undergoing the surgery.
  • Report ill health- You should observe your body carefully and if you see any changes in your health condition, you should intimate the specialist about the same. Whether it is regular cold, flu, fever, herpes or any other health issue, you should inform your doctor about all of it. Besides this, whatever medicines that you are taking in daily life even if it’s a pain killer, you should inform the doctor.

Pre-surgery preparations at home

Since after the surgery, you will not be in a position to move or walk, you will have to arrange for everything prior to the surgery only. Read below to know about such preparations-

  • You should ask any of your friends, family member or a relative to be around you in the house after the surgery, so that someone is in easy access if you need anything.
  • Make sure to clear the alleys and the walking areas of the home so that, you do not trip over anything. Keep all those rugs and electrical cords aside, as they can make you tumble.
  • Make sure that your stairs have banisters and if they don’t, then you better get them installed before your surgery.
  • Better to install a modified toilet seat. A higher seat will help you sit comfortable and get up without much pain in your knees.
  • In case of swelling, you must keep the cold packs ready in your refrigerator.
  • Most important is to keep toiletries and edible items ready at home. Since you will not be able to cook for a few days, you should keep frozen foods ready. Keep foods that you will just have to keep in microwave and they are ready.

Thus, it is the time that you prepare yourself for knee joint replacement surgery and keep your home also ready for it. Rest, you can ask your knee joint specialist about whatever queries you have related to the knee joint surgery. The specialist will guide you in the best possible manner and will solve all your queries in seconds. Take care!

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